Robson Fernandes

这位巴西口琴大师,给一个外号的话,应该是『力量之Robson Fernandes』! U- \! l4 \4 Q

他的琴声和蓝调有一种很强的Power和strength~力量很足。+ X6 o) h3 g1 j) O3 e$ m

巴西的口琴手也非常流弊,难怪会有HERING~/ F, L8 d2 R; ]3 a, H
在中国产的口琴也突飞猛进的今天,中国口琴手也别落下了哦。* s4 z! ?1 n5 @4 }- l) M


大家尽情享受 Robson Fernandes 的力量吧!/ l$ @4 W8 V& S" |* a  l

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                   It´s impossible to seperate Robson Fernandes from the contemporany Brazilian Blues scene. A man who possesses extraordinary tone and energy demostrating a fantastic technical prowess. His style is at the same level of many of the great harp players outside of Brazil, and that is why many of  these same great players bow to young Robson´s creative sound.: E3 `5 G( j% Y6 W" r: Y7 ^
                 Robson Fernandes was born in 1976 in the city Sao Paulo - Brazil, he started playing Diatonic Harmonic at the age of 16, his passion aligned with the study of early 20th century North American Blues. He studied Harmony and Improvisation with the Jazz guitar player Lupa Santiago and the famous Trombonist - Bocato.
                   In 2002 he released the first Instrumental Blues Harp CD "Sampa Blues" Robson was surrounded by some of the best Blues and Jazz artist on his first outing.8 S9 n, P9 n4 _: \+ E. L
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                 On his second CD 2005 the "Gumbo Blues" marked a new cycle of intense emotions and daring beside his impeccable playing technique, he ventures out not only playing his harp but also doing all of the vocal workouts.This album stands, as an historic landmark for Brazilian harp players the first distributed in Europe and in the United States by Pacific Blues run by the record producer Jerry Hall. Robson Fernandes has participated in the principle Jazz and Blues Festival in Brazil.
                 After woodshedding with his band Victor Busquets drums, Renato Limao Bass and Danilo Simi on Guitar, Robson entered the studio in June/July 2008. A few month later the “COOL” CD is released. This album was recorded old school style on 24 tracks studer analog tape machines with everyone in the studio playing together thus giving it that distinct sound not found on many modern recordings. This outing by Robson F. was engineered and produced by co-writer Carlos sander from the U.S.- {2 s# b7 C5 r
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                 On this Cd Robson explores different styles and rhythms not just your usual 12 bar blues. While maintaining the spirit of Chicago, California and New Orleans. The Recording of “COOL” also had invited guests such as Californian saxophonist Troy Jennings, the incredible guitar work of Marcos Ottaviano and the subtle piano of Ari Borger. Once again Robson innovates by recording a string octet on the track “ I love You So” making in the first Brazilian Blues Record with strings.  
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                 Robson strikes again notoriety with his latest CD “COOL” not just here but globally. In November 2009 , RF played at the Blues Festival in the city of Ezquel in Argentina playing along side bluesman Danny Vincent. Next on the Festival circuit RF was invited to perform at the Blues Festival of Torun. After a (SRO) standing room only performance Robson and company played in the city of warsaw both cities located in Poland. All of these shows were written up in great detail by the canadian publishers of “Real Blues Magazine” which awared the “COOL” CD the number eight slot in it´s Top 100.

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